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Thomas Taw

Thomas Taw

Damage - London

Thomas J Taw is an entrepreneurial hair stylist from London known for resuscitating the dry/damaged hair. Tom began his hairdressing career at the tender age of fifteen as a Saturday boy in a busy salon in Surrey. He realized that hairdressing was his calling and threw himself into the training. His mentors were accomplished Italian hairdressers and he soon found himself working regularly in Italy and other European countries. This inspired him to up-sticks to the big smoke, where he worked alongside some of the industry’s best. He quickly worked his way up the ranks to become a Senior Creative Director at Aveda, London. Tom's talents have since taken him around the globe, creating looks for hair shows, fashion shows and educational seminars. He has also worked as a freelance consultant for various hair product companies and marketing firms, and coloured the hair for hair product and beauty campaigns.

Tom has developed a special test to check the levels of hair damage. Hair that floats in water is healthy, and if it sinks, it has some degree of damage that needs repair. Tom is the co-creator for Sunsilk Damage Reconstruction Program and brings a new level of consumer insight and perfectionism in formulation creation. His Sunsilk product range contains exclusive product Bio-Keratin™/ Olive Serum Nutri Complex/ Nutri Oil Complex to dramatically improve hair texture by penetrating deeper and filling damaged cracks layer by layer, strand by strand.

In 2007 Tom opened Bobsoho, in the fashion hub of Soho next to the ever-buzzing Carnaby Street, where he continues to develop and nurture his own special brand of hairdressing. He believes in enhancing one’s hairs natural beauty, rather than concealing it in an unmanageable and high maintenance carbuncle.

Tom believes that the haircut should be customized to suit one’s hair texture and the colour should work with one’s own skin tone and eye shades. His diverse clientele includes influential musicians and pop stars, authors, actors, artists, fashion designers, housewives, grannies, fashionistas and media darlings alike. Model agencies and film and television production companies frequently call upon his expertise. Tom's main passion now lies at Bobsoho where he makes your experience of a good haircut, a great one.
"If I can make girls feel beautiful and give them confidence, I know my job is done."