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Yuko Yamashita

Streightening - Tokyo

Yuko Yamashita is a world expert in straight hair. As a hair stylist, salon owner, and entrepreneur, she created Yuko Hair Straightening in Japan in 1996 to make people's lives easier when it came to hair care. As a young Japanese stylist, Yuko met countless women who were unhappy with their hair. The most common complaint was unruly hair that had to be constantly styled every morning and the mere suggestion of rain would make it frizzy and uncontrollable. Yuko wanted her customers including many celebrities to have beautiful, straight and healthy hair without spending hours getting it that way. Yuko Hair Straightening has been taking the world by storm for over 10 years. Co-Creator of the Straight-Lock range of products, Yuko has been a collaborator in producing breakthrough technology in hair care with Sunsilk for over 2 years and continues to give her inside scoop on how to achieve perfect straight hair, starting in the shower.
"Hair plays the same role as a picture frame does to the picture itself."