Post hair color treatments

Nothing gives you a fresh look like a new haircut or a hair color.Coloring your hair can make your everyday look ‘pop’ in an instant. However, in order to keep looking stylish with colored hair requires a little extra love and care. Here we bring for you some hair treatments that can keep your glossy shine intact: 

Hot oil treatments: Try getting at least a hot oil treatment once a week to help your hair retain the moisture and shine. It will also keep your scalp from drying up due to the colored hair shampoo that you are likely to be using. 

Deep conditioning masks: Hydrating your hair with deep conditioning masks once a fortnight can help replenish the essential moisture in your hair. It can also work on retaining the shine and make your color look more vibrant 

Keratin Protein treatment:Coloring hair can open up the hair’s cuticle leaving it open to damage and depleting the hair's natural protein. The keratin protein treatment can help you restore this protein taking your hair back to its natural healthy shine. It can also help seal in the hair color while diminishing dryness and frizz from your hair 

Following a simple hair care regime is all it takes to ensure your colored hair shines on and gives you more style instead of stress!