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All natural, baby

Starting his career in the ultra-glam Beverly Hills, Jamal Hammadi’s has a passion for gorgeous hair since he started out in the late nineties. Passionate about looks that ooze glamour and sophistication, he believes that the best way to keep hair looking great is with natural ingredients. Working with some amazing celeb clients, he’s developed an amazing knowledge of which natural ingredients and methods combat some of our biggest hair problems.


“My philosophy is to nourish the hair from inside out naturally”


Jamal's Tips

  • 1

    Rest it

    From time to time, let your hair breathe and don’t do anything to it.

  • 2

    Condition it

    Deep condition your hair with natural oils like almond oil.

  • 3

    Invigorate it

    Brush your hair each night to boost circulation to your scalp.

Botanic boosters

We all get fed up if our hair’s feeling dull or lacklustre, but Jamal tells us that it’s soooo easy to glossy hair naturally. Just freshen up your locks with a homemade hair mask: mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a ripe avocado. Then massage it in from roots to ends and leave in for 20 mins before washing your hair as normal. After all, nourishing our hair means feeding it using luxurious plant-based ingredients.

There are also a few ingredients that we should always have on our shopping list for superstar shine: olive oil helps to de-frizz, argan oil’s great for hydrating, jojoba oil works great as an intensive moisturiser while coconut oil adds a glow to skin and hair. Jamal’s also worked with Sunsilk to create our amazing Recarga Natural range, inspired by his love for naturals – that means great natural shine that’s hassle-free. Yay!

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