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Model with curly hair smiling in a swimsuit.

Incredible curly hair

Perfect bunches

Curly hair needs special care!

Because of the spiral shape, the path that the natural oiliness of the scalp takes to reach the tips becomes longer and more difficult. The result? The wires tend to be more oily at the root and dry at the ends. To solve the problem, you will need allies, or rather specific products for your hair type. Do not even know where to start when it comes time to take better care of your curls? Calm. We can help you in this quest impossible.

  • 1

    Everything starts in the wash

    To have perfect curls, bet in specific shampoo and conditioner, preferably more moisturizing and with oils in the formula.

  • 2

    More hydration, please

    Curly hair is naturally more dry. So, capriche in weekly home moisturizing with a treatment cream.

  • 3

    Fit is a word of order

    The technique that uses cream to comb the curls can make them more curled and defined. Like a gift ribbon!

  • 4

    Have you tried the diffuser?

    This accessory coupled to the dryer has a concentrated air jet, which helps to dry the hair without disrupting the curls.

  • 5

    Invest in finalizers

    Activator of curls, mousse, treatment oil, gel and combing cream are great allies when it comes to protecting the curls.

  • 6

    Bet on dry cut

    Experts in curly hair often cut their hair dry to see exactly how long to take.

  • 7

    Stylish curly hair

    Pineapple coke, bantu knots, box braids ... Good hairstyle options for curly hair do not lack. So, which one is yours?