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Woman with brown oily hair in beige blouse and smiling in the street.

Oily hair: how to deal?

Right Tips and Products

Is your oily hair a problem in your day to day life?

You are not alone. Excessive oiliness is a constant complaint for most Indian women, especially because of the heat. But if you know very well how to care for your hair, with the right practices and products, your hair will stay hydrated in the right measure, neither oily nor too dry. Want to know what these magic counsels are? Come on!

  • 1

    Wash the hair less

    Try washing the wires every other day, always remembering to use warm or cold water. On the day without washing, opt for hairstyles trapped!

  • 2

    Dry Shampoo = Best Friend

    It is the ideal product to remove the oil from the hair and, of breakage, give volume and texture, especially on the day you decide not to wash them.

  • 3

    Bet on the right shampoos

    Invest in shampoos for oily hair: the refreshing active ingredients are ideal for balancing scalp oiliness!

  • 4

    Apply the shampoo correctly

    Different than many people think, only one application suffices, not to be left with excess product in the wires.

  • 5

    Use wide tooth comb

    Prefer long-toothed combs that better distribute the root oil through the wires. Also avoid too much hair in your hair, okay?