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Woman with thin and straight hair, in gray smock and smiling.

Fine hair with volume

Magazine Cover Hair

While most of your girlfriends dream of less-volume hair, do not you want anything other than those powerful, magazine-worthy or commercial shampoo wires?

Welcome to the select group of women with thin hair and believe: your desire is not too far from becoming a reality. And you do not even need fairy-godmother or lamp genius. With the right tricks and allied products, it is more than possible to give incredible volume to your hair type.

  • 1

    Invest in the right shampoos

    Choose products with active ingredients that make your hair more full-bodied, such as cysteine, vitamins B5, C and E, plus light oils.

  • 2

    Dry and head down

    This tactic is great for adding volume quickly. Lower your head and dry the wires, starting at the area near the nape of the neck.

  • 3

    Play with the wire division

    If you use split hair to the right side, how about throwing it to the left? Division at the root helps raise it!

  • 4

    Bet on curlers

    The bobbins gain more practical versions, with Velcro, that facilitate the curling of fine hair. They gain more movement and volume!

  • 5

    Mousse = Best ally

    Levinha, this almost magical foam leaves fine hair more full, from root to tip, and protects them from the heat.

  • 6

    Go from layered cuts

    This is one of the secrets of hairdressers to create volume in fine hair. Pixie, long bob and long shred are on the rise!

  • 7

    Scrape the wires

    Comb the yarns counter-clockwise. If you rip the wires from the top of your head, you even create a retro volumine!