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Model with long straight and brown hair smiles at page Incredibly simple tips for having soft hair.

How to have soft hair?

Endless softness

Have not you felt your hair soft for some time?

Do your wires run rough, dull and lifeless? Watch out! This may be indicative that something in your wired care routine or even in your health is not well.

To make sure there is a problem, do the following test: separate a strand of hair and, with the aid of your hands, create a knot in the hair. Then release the wick. Has the knot disintegrated quickly or remained intact? If your answer is the first alternative, congratulations: this indicates that your hair is strong enough to be able to undo the knot alone. Another test to find out is getting into a bathtub or pool and loosening your hair. Does it float or sink? If you sink, be aware: it may be more porous than you think.

But you can reverse that picture - and better, in an easy, easy way. Just change some attitudes in your day to day. Find out what to do to regain soft, glossy hair.

  • 1

    Start with the rinse

    A good rinse ensures that your wires are clean, since the hair is free of residue and also looks dirty or heavy.

  • 2

    Do not over-comb your hair

    This can cause the wires to break, as well as the dreaded double ends. Sense also matters: it's always tip-to-root!

  • 3

    Cream + cap = double dynamic

    Hydration is key! Potentiate your spa at home with a plastic cap after applying the treatment cream on the wires.

  • 4

    Maneire in the dryer

    And on the flat iron: excess heat is a villain of soft hair. Whenever you use the appliances, remember the thermal protector.