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Hair care tips from nature

Natural hair care for healthier hair


If you’ve been spending a fortune on buying hair care products and salon trips to help your hair shine, but still find the lustre missing, then you should stop right there! We bring to you some natural hair wash tips, with things you will find right in your kitchen to bring back the shine in your hair. So are you ready to go natural?

•If dry hair is your problem, then you have plenty of options to choose from your kitchen. You can opt for a mashed avocado hair mask or massage coconut hair oil into your hair before a hair wash to regain soft well-hydrated hair.

•Eggs are a great protein not only for your body but for your hair too. Condition your hair with this super food at least once a week to see your hair in a much healthier shape. Using egg yolk conditioner regularly can get rid of split ends, help enhance hair volume and even help hair growth.

•Another wonder hair wash ingredient that you will definitely find in your kitchen is vinegar. It acts as a great cleansing agent for your hair by removing grime build up and scalp residue. It also seals your hair cuticles while cleansing your hair to make the strands stronger. For best results use cold water.

•If it’s a homemade shampoo you’re looking for then whip a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Shampoo your hair with baking soda paste (made using water). Then rinse it off with vinegar and water and the results will leave you dazzled with shine!

So, remember just because you want your hair to look like a million bucks doesn’t mean you have to spend as much on it. Just pop into your kitchen and find your hair care treatment right at home!


  • 1

    Wash it slowly

    Massage the shampoo by the root for 20 seconds. Then apply the conditioner to the length and tips and let it act for 5 minutes.

  • 2

    Moisturizing cream

    No home-made recipes: Treatment creams are best suited for returning water and nutrients to your yarn.

  • 3

    Comb in the right direction

    Comb from the tips to the root avoids yarn breakage and double ends! Fight the frizz with a long-toothed wooden comb.

  • 4

    Protect the sleeping wires

    To combat the unwanted frizz, wrap the hair with a silk or satin scarf. These fabrics can also be used on the pillowcase!