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Why your hair needs deep conditioning

How deep hair conditioning helps hair grow healthier


Isn’t it a great feeling to wear your hair straight and long, shining with health! Alas it remains more of a dream than reality. After all, reality often entails surrendering to the various heat styling tools and suffering dry and fizzy hair in the process! So what’s the solution? A deep conditioning treatment!

A deep-conditioning hair treatment restores moisture and repairs dry, brittle hair. This treatment smoothens out the outer layer of the hair called the cuticle and improves its overall health. Choosing the right products and using proper techniques are essential to getting the best results from a deep conditioning hair treatment.  However, if a trip to the salon is not on your agenda, here are a few deep conditioning tips that could give your hair the fillip it needs.

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    Shampoo right

    To begin with, choose the right shampoo for your hair, so that you can improve its health. Choosing a shampoo that is too strong or too mild for your hair can strip it off its moisture or have the reverse effect of making it oilier. For straight hair we recommend trying Sunsilk’s Perfect Straight shampoo, that has a unique straight lock technology, designed to keep your hair straight just after a shampoo

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    Choose the right conditioner

    Choose a deep conditioner that recommends that you apply it and leave it on at least for 15 – 20 minutes. There are different types of conditioning treatment for different types of hair, the color treated ones for example need a stronger conditioner, whereas a dandruff heavy scalp needs a different treatment. It is important you choose the product that’s best for your hair problem.

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    Apply the deep conditioning treatment after shampooing to damp hair. To maximize its effect use a wide toothed comb to spread the conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Follow the time instructions on the product to see the best results. However, we do recommend, that you must cover your conditioned hair while you wait, so that you allow it to seep in completely without rinsing it out.

By deep conditioning your hair at least twice a week, you can certainly expect a head full of health no matter what your hair woes maybe!